Python 3

In this level, we will lead the students to explore the fascinating world of AI technology and understand how AI shapes the future and opening doors to endless possibilities and innovation.

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Introducing children to the fascinating world of computer vision and image processing in a dynamic and accessible way. Through interactive projects, kids can explore the magic of manipulating images, detecting objects, and creating visual effects using Python code. They will be building projects that are related to object and facial recognition.

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Most frequent asked questions and answers

Yes! As this is a beginner class so no prior programming knowledge is required. Our mentors will guide them through step-by-step.

Do contact us and book for a consultation. No charges will be imposed. During the consultation, we will give some exercises to your child to determine his/her suitability and place him/her into a suitable class.

Certainly! If your child has prior programming experience, they can undergo an assessment to determine their proficiency level. Our Trainers will then provide personalized advice on the suitability of the program, ensuring that your child is appropriately placed for an enriching and challenging learning experience.

Yes, but subject to availability of our mentors. Please contact us for more information.

It will be depending on your request and the availability of our mentors. Do contact us for more information for further adjustment. Anything is possible!

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