It is inevitable that technology is and will always play a big part in our lives. Look at how we have evolve from mailing letters which take days to reach the receiver to now using emails to communicate which take milliseconds to reach the receiver.

If that can’t convince you the importance of technology knowledge, then look around you. When you are at work, are there systems (software) in place so reduce your workload? When you are driving, have you ever wonder how the traffic lights synchronized to ensure your safety? Every bit of your life you are exposed to code without even knowing it.

It’s time for your child to open their eyes and mind to the possibilities of coding and how it is involve our lives.

As Yishan Wong – CEO, Reddit said:

“One hundred years ago, people were faced with the choice of learning to read or remaining illiterate laborers who would be left behind as have-nots in a rapidly modernizing world. In the coming century, being able to command the world that will be thoroughly computerized will set apart those who can live successfully in the future from those who will be utterly left behind.”

No worries! We got your back. Call us and set an appointment. Our experts will help assess your child and make sure she/he is fit in the right program.

The students will learn to code games, animation and how to build a website. They can then express their creativity and thoughts through these activities which help them grow and be more confident.

Learning to code in our centers, we encourage two-ways communication and interactions among students so that the can express their thoughts and ideas where discussions can be made. This will increase the social skill of the student where they can better communicate in their schools and be more confident in portraying themselves.

She/He will need to bring only a pen drive to save her/his works so that they can continue exploring and have fun with their creation at home. You can pack them some light snacks and water to enjoy during the break.

Knowledge! We will also provide materials where they can refer and a certification of completion when they complete the course.

You can contact us through our email or phone number.

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