Kids Coding Workshop

We will be carrying out a FREE coding workshop for kids age between 10-13 years old. Yes! You read it right. FREE! NO STRING ATTACHED! At Aimsity, we realise a lot of children are not technologically equip where they do not know how to make use of technology to create or innovate. Therefore, we will like to give back to the community by conducting this free 2 hours workshop to teach and in turn open their eyes to the possibilities of technology.

In this digital world knowing English, BM, Maths and etc is not sufficient. As technology plays a vital role in our life, it is important for children to learn the basic communication they need to be able to interact with the digital world. Coding is a programming language which is used to communicate with a computer so it can carry out the task we need it to do. By learning to code, it will promote problem solving skills and enhance the creativity of the child. During the workshop, they will learn to code their very first game!

This is only limited to 6 students/workshop. Hurry contact us now to avoid further disappointment!

PS: Remember to bring a pendrive to save your work.