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Basic Computing

Introduction of programming to beginners and children through a visual language, snapping together code blocks to create programs.

Game Designing

Accessible game development for all levels. Create games with a visual interface and programming language, supporting various genres and platforms.

Web Designing

Explore the dynamic world of web designing with our HTML and CSS course. Learn to create stunning websites from scratch. Develop essential skills in design, layout, and coding for success!

Python 1

Python beginners level will be a great program to transition your child into text-based programming. This program offers an immersive experience for your child to delve into game creation where they’ll learn to code interactive and visually stimulating games.

Python 2

For Python 2, we take students from designing flowcharts to the fascinating world of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). With GUI toolkit, students can make their code come to life by developing engaging and eye-catching projects.

Python 3

In this level, we will lead the students to explore the fascinating world of AI technology and understand how AI shapes the future and opening doors to endless possibilities and innovation.

App Invention

This program introduces your child to the world of app development. Through creative projects, your child will design, program, and share personalized apps, fostering valuable skills in problem-solving and logical thinking.


This hands-on learning tool combines programming and electronics for the students. Through coding, they engage with sensors like accelerometers and connect to external devices such as LEDs and motors. This enables them to understand how IOT works.


A robust language known for its power and efficiency. Whether you’re diving into game development or building system-level applications, C++ is your gateway. 

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