What is Digital Warrior Scratch Hackathon?​

This is a Hackathon where students have a chance to showcase their skills and to think outside the box to solve the problem.

How does it works?​

This is a team hackathon. The team will need to submit a Scratch project (the theme of the project can be found under the Rules section). Shortlisted participants will be asked to attend the second round of hacking where we will give them a Scratch project to fix the bugs and enhance it. They will then present the project.

Flow of Hackathon

Age Categories

1. Category 1

  • Upper Primary (Age 10 – 12)

2. Category 2

  • Lower Secondary (Age 13 – 15)

(Each team will only have 2 members)

Entry Fee

RM30/team only.

Rules of Hackathon

1. All participants need to submit their complete Scratch project by 25 April 2022.

2. Participants that are under 16 years old are required to have their parents, guardians or teachers to submit their projects.

3. All submission must be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

4. You can only enter as a team of 2 (max) for this hackathon.

5. When submitting your project you need to include:

  • The Scratch link to your project.
  • The YouTube link on the presentation of your project(≤ 5 min).
  • Please make sure both the links are available for public view. Do be cautious and do not include any personal information in your project or video.

6. The participant must build a project (game, animation, story, art, tutorial, etc.) based on the below themes:

  • Any projects that teach or show the importance of Maths.
  • Find a problem in any industry of your interest and show us the solution or interpretation to solving that particular issue.
  • Any current issues.

7. All projects must be your original work and we will not accept any projects that are remixes or copied from other Scratch projects.

8. The projects that have been shortlisted will be invited to undergo a hacking session where they will required to fix the bugs and enhance the Scratch project provided by us. Then the finalist will need to present the improved project.

Tips on Creating A Project

1.Research on the theme (refer to Rules section) you want to create.

2. Focus on the message/objective you want to deliver.

3. Sketch out how does the project look (exp: where each sprite and element is place). This will gives you a clearer  picture on how the end project looks like and how the program flows.

4. List out each of the function you want your elements to be able to perform. Example, the Player needs to be able to move right and left.

5.Code the function for each of your sprite and element. Don’t forget to keep testing your code as you develop.

6. Then submit your project!

7. For your video presentation make sure the length of the video is 5 min or less (any videos that are more than 5 min will not be considered).

8. Your video should emphasize on:

  • What is the inspiration and idea of doing this project?
  • What do you want to achieve/solve with this project?

How to Submit Your Project


1.Add your Scratch project URL to our Digital Warrior Scratch Hackathon studio.

2. Record your presentation on your project (max. 5 min).

3. Upload your video to YouTube and make sure to disable the comments.

4. Complete your submission by filling up the google form.

5. Make sure your below URL is set to public before submitting :

  • Video presentation (YouTube link)
  • Final project (Scratch project link)

Prizes (for each category)

1. 1st Prize: RM300

2. 2nd Prize: RM200

3. 3rd Prize: RM100

4. Special Consolation Prize for 4th-10th place

Important Dates
28 March 2022
Project Submission Open
25 April 2022
Project Submission Closes
28 April 2022
Announcement of  Top 10 Finalists and Projects voting Open
10 May 2022
Project Voting Closes
14 May 2022
Hackathon( Fix Bugs and Present enhance Projects)
21 May 2022
Announcement Of Winners
Register Here
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