"Technology learning can be fun"

As the country is moving forward, schools and traditional education centres such as tuition centres are having a hard time to keep up with the technology trend and do not have the necessary technology know-how to do so. Without help, these businesses and schools will get left behind as the world progresses. Not only that, we realize that students are not well-equip or have enough resources for them to explore and innovate. With the increasing importance of technology knowledge, we want to prepare the young leaders to thrive in the tech world. Hence, Aimsity was set up with the aim to be “An IMpactful School In Technology StudY”.

We provide educators, who have insufficient resources to teach students about the digital world, with the materials and staff to take the load off their shoulders and to open new business opportunities. At Aimsity we encourage children to used their creativity, curiosity and thinking skills to create solutions and to solve the problem that lies ahead. Not only that, through tinkering children will learn to be more resilient and focus in the task at hand. When growing up we are used to hearing “No” or “Wrong” which slowly kills our creativity without us knowing it. Here, we provide a platform for your children to feel safe when they make mistakes and to pick themselves up again to face the problem.

Hence, we hope to make a change in this world by educating the young and helping these educators to survive.

Vision & Mission

About us-Vision Vision
To impact the world by uplifting traditional educators and teaching the young leaders to used their creativity to come up with solutions to solve the problems so that they can change our future.
About us-Mission Mission
To provide services to educators to empower and inspire students to learn and grow to become a digital leader in our world.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”-Stephen Hawking

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