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Student's Activity

At Aimsity, we go beyond just honing their technical skills. We recognize the importance of cultivating well-rounded individuals, so our programs extend to developing their social and presentation skills as well. In our dynamic learning environment, students engage in a range of activities designed to foster teamwork, communication, and effective presentation techniques. From collaborative coding projects to interactive group discussions, we provide opportunities for students to enhance their interpersonal abilities. 

Moreover, our programs are thoughtfully structured to accommodate varying skill levels, offering courses for beginners, intermediate learners, and those seeking advanced challenges. This ensures that each student receives tailored instruction that aligns with their individual needs and abilities, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning community. Coding with us is not just about the outcome, it’s about the journey for our young members.

Our Classes

Which class is suitable for you?

Basic Computing

Introduction of programming to beginners and children through a visual language, snapping together code blocks to create programs.

Game Designing

Accessible game development for all levels. Create games with a visual interface and programming language, supporting various genres and platforms.

Web Designing

Explore the dynamic world of web designing with our HTML and CSS course. Learn to create stunning websites from scratch. Develop essential skills in design, layout, and coding for success!

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Skill Developed

Improve Focus

Enhance cognitive abilities with activities that stimulate critical thinking. Sharpen focus through engaging challenges which nurture Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) essential for academic and personal success.

Develop Problem Solving Skill

Cultivate a problem-solving mindset with hands-on projects. Develop analytical skills, logical reasoning, and creativity to tackle real -world challenges, fostering adaptability and resilience in a tech-driven world.

Confidence Boost

Watch your child's confidence soar as they master coding concepts. Encourage risk-taking, build resilience, and instill a sense of accomplishment through project-based learning, boosting self-esteem in a supportive environment.

Exposure to New Technologies and Tools

Stay ahead in the digital age by introducing your child to cutting-edge technologies and tools. From learning different coding languages to creating innovative projects this will empower them with the skills needed for future success.